Travel Photography Tips
Mark Layman

There is some great advice in this article “10 Travel Photography Tips to Help Avoid Regrets When You Get Home”.

A few points worth repeating are:

If you’re going somewhere you’ve not been before, use Google Images (, Flickr ( or similar images websites to help you determine what shots you might want to seek out. If you’re flexible in the time of year or time of day of your visit, looking at the photos of others can help you decide when you might want be at the location. Try it out. Go to Google Images or Flickr and search on “Old Mans Cave Ohio” or some other location.

“Never get satisfied with your first shot. There is a 99,9% chance you will get a better one if you study the scene more carefully.” and “Always remember: it’s not about getting 200 nice snapshots. It’s about 5 to 10 great photos.”

“Wake up early and take advantage of the early morning light.” The first and last hours of sunlight are the golden hours. Take advantage of the beautiful light at these times of days.

“Check it out Before Moving On” to make sure your shots are not blurry, out of focus, or over/under-exposed.

Check for “dust bunnies” on your sensor. This you should do before going out to shoot. I’ve taken many photographs where the sky is messed up by the dark spots caused by dust on the camera’s sensor.

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