Registrars Portrait Photos
Mark Layman

Plans are coming together for taking portrait photographs of the Registrars and creating a photo collage of them. The photo shoot is set for the Registrars meeting on February 20. A few of us will be attending the Registrars January 16 meeting to discuss the plans for the February 20 photo shoot. At our January 28 ASPC meeting, we’ll be practicing doing portrait photographs.

So, I thought some material on portrait photography might be warranted. If you go to you’ll find lots of good information on the topic. I encourage you to browse many of their “The top 17 most popular portrait tutorials of 2013”.

Also, I recommend that everyone take a look at one article/video in particular, that being “5 Classic Lighting Positions for Portrait Photography” at I recommend it because it should help you to analyze the position of the light when you are photographing a person, the resultant facial shadows or lack thereof, whether or not the overall effect is what you want, and what you might do if you want a different effect.

If you have other good articles on portrait photography, please share them.

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