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I scrolled through my several thousand digital images.  I’ve been shooting digital since August 23, 1997. My first digital camera was a Kodak DC-25. It was Kodak’s second digicam. Pretty primitive by today’s standards, but amazing back then.  I was way ahead of the curve.

It was OK for about a year, but the technology improved rapidly. Somehow I figured digital photography would evolve just a little faster than film photography did. Was I ever wrong.

About four years later I acquired a Sony DSC-85, a great little camera with a Zeiss Lens. Most of the pictures in this post were taken by it. It uses an odd battery and an extinct memory card. I like the camera but it’s slightly inconvenient.

Better cell phone cameras preempted most of my toting a larger camera around. I need to get back into carrying the DSLR instead of the iPhone. 🙂

Here’s my pics, no particular order… Click on it for larger image.

Tame Owl

Who Me?

Watershed Band

The Band Watershed at Comfest

V8 Badge

V8 Badge


Treasure Island, FL


My old Suzuki S650 Single. Boom Boom Boom Boom!

Guitar chord

Barre Chord

At the Fair

Fair Ride taken from Sky Ride

Cat And Guitar

Cat And Guitar

playground ride

A little bit of posterization.

Red Hot Rod

Red Hot Rod with flames. Taken at Lancaster Ohio festival

birn and waves

Sand Bird running from Waves. Filtered in PC to monochrome


Big lot of Dandelions… This was taken with an early 1960’s Yashica Minister-D rangefinder. The vignetting was on the film image.

Chinese Lanterns

Chinese Lanterns in a restaurant.

green oldsmobile

Old Green Oldsmobile badge.


Charity Ride with STAR motorcycle club

old motorcycles

Old motorcycle graveyard, er collection.


Close up on air intake on my old V-Star 1100 Classic.

A study in black and white

A study in black and white


Park Benches take with the TEXT mode on my old Sony DSC-85. This mode would take high contrast images.


Me and a guitar, being goofy.

olds 88

Oldsmoble 88 Taillight detail

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