Minutes of September 27, 2016 Meeting
Mark Layman

When: Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Where: Donato’s Gahanna

Time: 6:00pm

RE: Aladdin Shrine Photography Club


ATTENDEES: Bob Albright, Rod Basye, Clyde Compton, Fred Gischler, Dennis Gongwer, Mark Layman

APPROVAL OF MINUTES: Reading of the July 26, 2016 meeting minutes was waived

TREASURER’S REPORT: Bank balance: $2,077.14.  Previous balance was $2,084.75
– Expenses: $37.61 for collage frame for Potentate’s photo collage gift
– Income: $10 dues from Rod Basye and $20 from calendar sales



-MEMBERSHIP: Take your camera to Aladdin functions and club/unit meetings both to get photos (possibly for use in the calendar and Aladdin’s Lamp) and to identify Shriners with photography interests who might like to join our club. Send photos to Frankie at The Lamp. Ask her to indicate that they are by the Aladdin Shrine Photography Club.

-2017 CALENDAR: We finalized the set of photos to be used in the wall calendar. Dennis will insert these photos into the calendar that he has already prepared and will send it out for review by the club members. Once we agree that the calendar is ready, Dennis will submit it for production of 100 copies. The plan is to have the calendars available at the Potentate’s visit on October 25.

Dennis will prepare a calendar sales advertisement to put in the Lamp.

We also briefly discussed the possibility of doing a different theme for the 2018 calendar photos. Everyone should think about this.

-POTENTATE’S VISIT: The Potentate’s visit is on October 25. We have reserved the room downstairs at the Florentine for that evening. We finalized the photos to put in the photo collage that will be the Potentate’s gift. At the July 26, 2016 meeting, it was moved and approved that we give $100.00 to Elaine’s “Lady’s Project”. The check should be made out to “Aladdin Shrine” with “Lady’s Project” in the memo.

Club members started giving the money and dinner choices for the Potentate’s Visit. Dinner choices are:

Chicken Caesar Salad with Soup – $20.00
Spaghetti with meatball and a salad – $21.00
Lasagna and a salad – $22.00

-OUTINGS: The topic for this evening was indoor photography with and without flash.

-CALENDAR RAFFLE: with unique numbers – This is a money making program that the Divan is considering and, if they go forward with it, they are considering using our 2017 Calendar. Now that the 2017 calendar is under way and 2017 is not far away, Mark needs to check with Todd about this possibility.

-Parades and other photo ops:



The Hilliard Veterans Day parade on November 11 has been added as an optional parade – currently we are not planning to cover this parade.

Kids Christmas Party on December 11 – Divan photos are at Aladdin on that day, so we may be able to break away from that and get some photos of the Christmas Party.

-Archive room photos: We have been approached a couple of times about taking photos of plaques and photos that are in the archive room. The idea is to digitally preserve the items and then no longer keep them. This would be a good project for the club this coming winter and so it’s time for Mark to talk to Mike Johnson about when and how we should plan to do this.

-Divan photos for 2017 – will be December 11 during the Kids Christmas Party. Clyde will help Mark with this. We probably need another person.

-Photography Unit: September 20 meeting with Aladdin leadership concluded that the ASPC should and will become a unit. New by-laws are needed, along with bank account changes since a unit uses the Aladdin EIN instead of having its own EIN. Officers will be Director (who is appointed by the Potentate), Assistant Director (replaces VP), Secretary (which will be combined with Asst. Dir. role as is currently done with the VP role) and Treasurer. The Director, Asst. Dir./Secretary, and Treasure should all be signatories on the back account and checks should have 2 signatures. Meeting minutes should be printed, signed, and stored in a binder. Mark had draft Photography Unit bylaws and the meeting and agreed to email them out to the club members.

Mark suggested that the unit color will be white, but there was a feeling that white jackets could be hard to keep clean, so other colors were discussed. After considering what colors are already in use by other units, we came to rest at red, although there was some concern that this may conflict with the red jackets worn by a few nobles involved with the circus. Fred said that he would be meeting with CJ, the Circus Director, soon and will inquire about this with him. (Fred has since had this meeting and CJ is OK with us having red jackets if we wish.) Since our logo is designed to be on either a white or black background, we would probably have logo name badges made to be worn with our jackets instead of putting the logo directly on the jackets.

If we become a unit, we may want to discontinue the website, and instead make more use of email and the Facebook page. Currently, the website is primarily being used to store the meeting minutes and, when a unit, we’ll be required to store signed hardcopies of the meeting minutes.

We waited to vote on becoming a unit until either the Potentate’s Visit or the November meeting when hopefully more club members will be present.

-Photos of LOS Thea Court members and creation of a photo directory – Dennis’s company can do the directory. We need to provide pricing for a black and white spiral bound directory with about 50-100 photos. We charged the Registrars $5 per headshot and $150 processing when we created their collage. We should probably charge similarly for this. Dennis suggested that we come up with pricing that includes a per-page element so that the pricing works no matter how many pages are in the directory. Dennis also suggested, based on our experience with a similar project, that no work starts on the directory until all photos and other content are available and that it’s been established that a deadline has passed and no other content can be accepted for the directory.

-Club officers for 2017 – The following 2017 club officers were voted in this evening.

– Mark Layman for President
– Dennis Gongwer for Vice President and Secretary
– Owen for Treasurer

If we become a unit, the club President will become the unit Director (after the Potentate’s appointment of Directors) and the club Vice President will become the unit Assistant Director.


Vote at the December Stated Meeting – Mark encouraged everyone to come to the December Stated Meeting to vote on the 2017 Divan.

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