Minutes of September 24, 2013 Meeting
Mark Layman

The first order of business was to vote on Steve Russo as club treasurer (Steve offered to take this position after the August 27 meeting). This was unanimously approved. The Aladdin Shrine Photography Club officers are now:

  • President – Mark Layman
  • Vice President – Dave Fultz
  • Secretary – Clyde Compton
  • Treasurer – Steve Russo

Mark and Steve will go to a Huntington Bank in the coming weeks and set up the club bank account.

We welcomed two new members at this meeting, Bernie Noel and Mike Clark.

Gene Steineman recently notified Mark that an audit committee needs to be formed and that committee needs to audit the club’s annual financial report (to be prepared by the Treasurer). Gene offered to chair the audit committee. We put this to a vote and it was unanimously approved that Gene Steineman will be the chair of the ASPC audit committee.

Next we discussed the fall outing. Mark had proposed that we participate in the Aladdin Fall Leaves Tour at The Hocking Valley Scenic Railway on October 13. It should be a great event for photography and attending this supports an already planned Aladdin event. It was agreed that this would be our fall club outing and that the discussion topic for the next meeting would be our photographs from this outing. Reservations for the Fall Leaves Tour are due this Friday (September 27). The registration form is in the latest Lamp or you can call the Aladdin office and make your reservation over the phone. Also, The Hocking Valley Scenic Railway has been proclaimed to be one of the “World’s Best Family Train Trips” (see http://www.travelchannel.com/interests/family/photos/best-family-train-trips?page=8).

We discussed how to achieve greater online participation from the members. It was agreed that a Facebook page for the club would be good. Dave Fultz agreed to create a Facebook page for the club and add Mark as an administrator. The new Facebook page is at https://www.facebook.com/AladdinShrinePhotographyClub and Mark has added a Facebook link to the ASPC website home page.

Mark also agreed to set up all of the members with the ability to make club website posts via email since doing posts that way is easier and more familiar than is doing them directly on the club website. This is done and Mark will send out individual emails to the members to provide the email address each member should use to make posts via email.

Mark asked that anyone who has not yet added a self-photo to their ASPC website profile do so. To do this, log in on the website, go to the profile, and at the bottom of the page upload your photo. Be sure to save your changes via the button at the bottom of the page.

We then proceeded with our discussion topic: Composition. Dave related a lot of good information about Golden Mean, the Rule of Thirds, and foreground interest. We looked at some example photographs and watched a video about foreground interest. Dave also showed the group his new 500mm mirror lens and his 8mm fisheye lens.

The next meeting will be Tuesday, October 22, at 6 pm.

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