Minutes of Photo Meeting 4/22/14
Art Wilson

Minutes of ASPC Meeting

Date Held: Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Where: Aladdin Shrine, Small Conference Room

Time: 6:00pm

RE: Aladdin Shrine Photography Club

CALL TO ORDER: 6:06pm by President Mark Layman

ATTENDEES: Mark Layman, Art Wilson, Dennis Gongwer, Clyde Compton, Gene Steineman, Dave Fultz and visitor Kris Goodman

CLUB SHIRTS: Mark changed the order of the meeting by first allowing Kris Goodman to show the club members some shirt and jacket samples that we can place our club logo on. Kris showed us many polo shirt samples and some jacket samples that we might be interested in. The polos were priced from $22.98 to $32.00 (price includes logo placed on item) If you wanted shirt with a pocket there will be at a slightly higher cost. We all agreed on one shirt that Kris had which was all white with vertical stitching pattern. Kris will place our club logo over left chest with our first name on right sleeve.

Kris showed us some jackets with prices from $49.99 to $50.98 including logo placed on front.

The club agreed to look at redesigning our logo in inverse so we could have it placed on a dark color item and show up well. Denis will work on that.

APPROVAL OF MINUTES: Motion was made by Gene and received a second by Art to wave the reading of minutes. Mark said he had them on file and on line if anyone wanted to see them or to obtain a copy.

TREASURER’S REPORT: Steve could not make the meeting but did report to the president that we are expecting a check from Bob Stevenson for Tabloid photos that were taken.




Column or Ad in Lamp: Mark said to watch Lamp for Photo Club article; he also stated that we might also place an ad in the Lamp.

Dues Cards: All have been passed out but for the snow birds.

CLUB SCHEDULE: Mark stated that for summer we WILL NOT go dark as it is a perfect time to take photos. We may discuss going dark in winter months.

Registrars Photo Collage: Andy Baker is in the hospital but stated to Mark that he had some photos that his people have taken and he will pass those on to Mark at a later date.

Memory Book: Mark said to keep taking photos of Shrine events for our Memory Book fund raiser. Mark stated that we may or may not do this?? We will continue to talk about it.

2015 Photo Calendar: Mark stated that we want to start looking for photos of club, unit and Shrine event photos for calendar. 2015 Calendar will include the months December 2014 thru January 2016.

Photo subjects per month that we will be looking for:

12/14-Old Shrine building photo 1/15-Sled Hockey

2/15-Past Masters/Hospital Photos 3/15-Circus-Spag.Dinner/Dance

4/15-Santee golf trip 5/15-DerbyParty-Utica/Worth. Parades

6/15-Units/Clubs/Fishing trip 7/15-Imperial

8/15-Chick/Corn Roast /Car Show 9/15-Apple Parade

10/15-Pumpkin Show Parade 11/15-open

12/15-New Building Photo 1/16-open

Tabloid Training Day: April 26, 2014 10:00am – Jeff will go and report to club.

Circus: Mark said that the circus photos taken were good.

Lamp Photos: If you take any photos for the Lamp, make sure to email them to Frankie. She has plenty of room and would appreciate them.

Outings: Our April club outing will be at Innis Woods Metro Park on Thursday, April 24, 2014 @ 6:00pm, if you can make it we would like to see you there.

New Business:

The Potentate’s visit will be September 23, 2014. We moved and had a second and voted to bring our ladies also. Mark is still working out the meal with the Shrine food vendor.

Topic for next month’s meeting will be: Dave will show us how fun macro photography can be.

Ideas for future meetings: easy photo editing programs. Example: Picasa. We will show how easy entry level editing can be.

Meeting was closed at 8:00pm

Secretary, Art Wilson 05/01/14

Art Wilson

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