Minutes of October 28, 2014 Meeting
Art Wilson

Where: Aladdin Shrine, Oasis Room

Time: 6:00pm

RE: Aladdin Shrine Photography Club

CALL TO ORDER: 6:15pm by President Mark Layman

ATTENDEES: Mark Layman, Art Wilson, Clyde Compton, Gene Steineman, Dave Fultz, Steve Russo, Fred Gischler, Robert Albright and our newest member C.J. Nemastil

APPROVAL OF MINUTES: Motion was made by Gene and received a second by Clyde to wave the reading of minutes. Mark said he had them on file and on line if anyone wanted to see them or to obtain a copy.

TREASURER’S REPORT: Steve reported that we received a check from Andy Baker for photos taken for Registrar Unit. We also received a check for Shrine staff dinners fees. Steve stated our account at this time has $1,384.64.



Potentates Visit: Mark talked about if next year we needed to do anything different. We all stated that it went great.

2015 Photo Calendars: Mark stated that the calendars are in and 20 were sold at ceremonial. Everyone agreed to take some and try to sell them.

Club Shirts and Caps: Mark said that he has forms to purchase caps and shirts from

Membership: Mark reminded everyone to take their cameras to Shrine events. Get people interested in the club. Also don’t forget to send photos for lamp to Frankie.

Dues Cards: Steve will print up the 2015 cards.

Registrars Photo Collage: Status-Paid in full buy not completed.

Past Masters Photo: Mark said the date will be date of Nov. 24. @ 7:30pm. We will take the Provost Unit photos Tuesday, May 2, 2015.

Election of 2015 officers: The following were elected: President: Mark Laymen, Vice President: Dave Fultz, Treasurer: C.J. Nemastil, Secretary: Dave Fultz will also do this job until the club finds someone.

Dues: Dues were collected.

GOING DARK: The club will be dark Dec., Jan. and Feb.

Meeting was closed at 7:17pm

After the meeting Mark taught a great class on Aperture.

Next month’s education class: Shutter speed and ISO.

Secretary, Art Wilson 11/03/14

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