Minutes of October 22, 2013 Meeting
Mark Layman

Mark Layman – President
Dave Fultz – Vice President
Steve Russo – Treasurer
Dan McFarland
Owen Johnson
Jeff Kopp
Gene Steineman
Art Wilson

Status of bank account: Trade Name form has been sent in to the State of Ohio by Steve Russo. As soon as he gets the approval, Steve and Mark will go back to Huntington Bank to set up the club checking account. Gene recommended that the treasurer use Quicken to manage the club funds. Steve will probably use a spreadsheet instead, and fashion the necessary reports after those available on the Aladdin website.

Dues for 2014 ($10) will be due at the November meeting (11/26). At that time, the club secretary needs to keep record of the members and their status. A simple spreadsheet should suffice for this.

Gene related some procedural things that the club needs to start doing. At each meeting, the Secretary should read the minutes of the previous meeting, although this can be waived with a vote, and there should be a Treasurer’s report. He also suggested that a sign in sheet be used to record the members present at each meeting.

Elections for 2014 officers will be held at the December meeting. Note, the December meeting will be on 12/17, which is the third Tuesday instead of the regular fourth Tuesday, due to Christmas. Art suggested that this 12/17 meeting also be a Christmas party with pizza, etc. We can make more specific plans at the November meeting.

In January, the club will owe $2 per member for insurance. Gene can facilitate the club making this payment.

Mark asked if the articles that he posts on the ASPC website are helpful. It was agreed that they are and such articles should continue to be posted.

We discussed the idea of doing a photo album of the Aladdin Shrine building. It was felt that we would need to have people in the shots to make the book desirable. It was also felt that such a photo book might compete with the year book. We decided to adopt this as a preliminary project and see how it goes.

We also discussed whether or not we should be trying to attend Aladdin events in order to take pictures to post on the ASPC website, creating a pictorial history of the Aladdin events. It was generally felt that we should.  Dennis & Owen will cover the upcoming weenie roast. Steve will try to cover the Athens parade on November 11. Mark will cover the November 23 Lancaster Parade.

Andrew Baker is interested in the ASPC doing a Registrars photo gallery for that club. Mark will call him to discuss further.

Art suggested creating and selling postcards of the new building.

Topic: how to post photos and other information on the ASPC website. Mark demonstrated how to make posts via email. Many attendees tried it with good success.

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