Minutes of November 29, 2016 Meeting
Mark Layman

When: Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Where: Aladdin Conference Room

Time: 6:30pm

RE: Aladdin Shrine Photography Club


ATTENDEES: Rod Basye, Clyde Compton, Dennis Gongwer, Mark Layman, James Liebherr, Gene Steineman, Mike Tyne

APPROVAL OF MINUTES: Reading of the September 27 meeting minutes was waived.

TREASURER’S REPORT: Bank balance: 1,779.64. Previous balance was $2,077.14.
– Expenses: $2.48 for photos and $2.15 for gift bag and tissue paper for Potentate’s photo collage gift, 13.50 for table decorations for Potentate’s Visit, $100.00 donation to Potentate’s Lady’s Fund, $12.85 to ship materials about little motorbike back to Chuck Vandine, $560.00 for production of calendars, $410.00 for Potentate’s Visit dinners, $1.25 for photos for display case, and $12.82 for 8×10 prints of 5 Potentates image
– Income: $429.00 from payments for Potentate’s Visit dinner, $28.50 calendar sales (partial accounting of sales so that cash funds could be used for reimbursement of some of the expenses above), $50.00 calendar sales from Medical Unit, $50.00 calendar sales from Clown unit, $200.00 miscellaneous calendar sales, $20.00 from sale of 8×10 prints of 5 Potentates, and $40.00 for 2017 dues.



-Potentate’s Visit: The 10/25 Potentate’s Visit was well attended and went very well. We received a nice note from the Potentate thanking us for it.

-MEMBERSHIP: Take your camera to Aladdin functions and club/unit meetings both to get photos (possibly for use in the calendar and Aladdin’s Lamp) and to identify Shriners with photography interests who might like to join our club. Send photos to Frankie at The Lamp. Ask her to indicate that they are by the Aladdin Shrine Photography Club.

– 2017 Dues – $50 in dues was collected.

-2017 CALENDAR: Sales are a little slow. Ads have been placed around Aladdin at a cost of $37.87. We are providing calendars to candidates at Ceremonial for $8 each which will be paid by Membership. We need to rethink the calendars next year.

-OUTINGS: The topic for this evening is TTL flash.

-CALENDAR RAFFLE: with unique numbers – This is a money-making program that the Divan is considering and, if they go forward with it, they are considering using our 2017 Calendar.

-Parades and other photo ops:


Ceremonial December 3 – Mark

-Divan photos for 2017 – will be December 11 during the Kids Christmas Party. Clyde, James and Rod will help Mark with this. Clyde needs to leave late afternoon.

Kids Christmas Party December 11 – Divan photos are at Aladdin on that day, so we should be able to break away from that and get some photos of the Christmas Party.

New Year Party – Gene, Mike & Rod

Installation January 14 – Mark, Rod

Sled Hockey January 15 – Mark, TBD

-Archive room photos: We have been approached a couple of times about taking photos of plaques and photos that are in the archive room. The idea is to digitally preserve the items and then no longer keep them. This would be a good project for the club this coming winter. Mark talked to Mike Johnson about when and how we should plan to do this. Mike asked that Mark bring it to the attention of the Divan, which Mark did at the Potentate’s Visit.

-Photos of LOS Thea Court members and creation of a photo directory – pricing has been provided.

-Photography Unit: We discussed the pros and cons of becoming a unit and remaining a club. Mark said that he will not be Director until he feels we’re truly ready to be a unit. It was moved that we table the discussion of becoming a unit until no later than the September 2017 meeting. This motion was seconded and approved.

The club-vs-unit discussion led to a discussion of the checking account. It was decided that we should get a counter check whenever we need to pay a bill by check.

As we work toward becoming a unit, we will plan to discontinue the website. Currently, the website is primarily being used to store the meeting minutes and, when a unit, we’ll be required to store signed hardcopies of the meeting minutes. In place of the website, we’ll make more use of email and a new Facebook group. The current Facebook page does not have the functionality that we need. We need a Facebook group so the people can participate in it which is not possible with a Facebook page.

Mark encouraged everyone to come to the December Stated Meeting to vote on the 2017 Divan and officers.



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