Minutes of November 26, 2013 Meeting
Mark Layman

    Attendees: Mark Layman (President), Clyde Compton (Secretary), Fred Gischler, Owen Johnson, Gene Steineman, Art Wilson
  2. APPROVAL OF MINUTES of October 22 meeting – Gene moved that we suspend the reading of the minutes; Owen seconded; all were in favor.
    1. Steve Russo (Treasurer) was unable to attend due to the snow. Mark reported that the Huntington Bank account has been established and that he and Steve had deposited their 2014 $10 dues to create an initial balance of $20. Checks were not obtained due to the expense. Steve is setting up the bill pay functionality and we plan to use that to make payments (at least initially).
    2. Gene (Aladdin Executive Director) indicated that he will be sending email to club/unit Presidents and Treasurers stating that 2013 end of year financial reports (available at http://www.aladdinshrine.org/form.php) will be due by end of February 2014.
  5. COMMITTEE REPORT – NA (currently no committees)
    1. Registrars photo collage project – $150 and then $5 per photo. Gene offered to take photos at Aladdin during the day using a camera they keep in the office. Clyde suggested that we tell Andrew Baker (Registrars President) that ASPC members could also go to a Registrars meeting to take photos.
    2. Photos of activities in the building for “Memory Book” should now begin given that selling the Aladdin building has been approved by the Aladdin nobles.
    1. 2014 Dues Collection – Mark collected the money and will get it to Steve.
    2. We need to create dues cards. Fred can get them cheap, and the office can assist with graphics if necessary.
    3. Election of 2014 officers – Art Wilson was voted in as Secretary, replacing Clyde Compton. Mark Layman, Dave Fultz and Steve Russo were voted in again as President, Vice President and Treasurer, respectively.
    4. 2014 officers and calendar info for Garol Rogers – Mark will send it to Garol. The 2014 Potentate visit could be at our meeting in February, June, July, September or October – September 23 was chosen. Mark will show this on the club calendar (http://aladdinshrinephotographyclub.org/calendar/).
    5. Insurance fee payment and form – Mark will work with Steve on this.
    6. ASPC presence at table at December 7 Ceremonial – Mark will cover this.
    7. Photo record of new building – When a location for the new Aladdin building is chosen, ASPC needs to start taking photos to chronicle the construction.
    8. Winter outing – Art suggested the sled hockey event at the Ice House. This event occurs around MLK weekend.
    9. 2014 meeting room – Gene will reserve the Oasis room for the 2014 meetings.
    10. We decided to go “dark” in June, July and August.
    11. We will possibly have a picnic with our wives at the May meeting.
    12. Holiday party at next meeting – we’ll order pizzas from the Aladdin kitchen and collect money that evening to pay for them. Beer is already provided.
    13. Topic: Indoor Holiday Photography – various ways to diffuse light were discussed and demonstrated.
  8. CLOSING REMARKS – It’s snowing pretty hard, guys. We better head home.
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