Minutes of November 24, 2015 Meeting
Mark Layman

When: Tuesday, November 24, 2015
Where: Donatos at Easton
Time: 6:00pm
RE: Aladdin Shrine Photography Club


ATTENDEES: Jerry Cozzens, Fred Gischler, Dennis Gongwer, Owen Johnson, Mark Layman, Gene Steineman

APPROVAL OF MINUTES: The September 22, 2015 meeting minutes were approved.

TREASURER’S REPORT: Bank balance: changed from $1255.88 to $1310.60. Debits were to the Florentine Restaurant for the Potentate’s Visit dinner and paying Proforma for production of the calendars. Credits for Potentate’s Visit meals, 2016 dues, and calendar sales.



-MEMBERSHIP: New member this evening, Jerry Cozzens, from the latest class of new nobles.

Take your camera to Aladdin functions and club/unit meetings both to get photos (possibly for use in the calendar and Lamp) and to identify Shriners with photography interests who might like to join our club. Send photos to Frankie at The Lamp and ask her to indicate that they are by the Aladdin Shrine Photography Club.

-DUES CARDS: 2016 dues are due. Dennis will make our 2016 dues cards and have them at the March meeting.

-PHOTOS OF THE NEW BUILDING – and razing of the Stelzer Rd building. Dennis Gongwer has taking pictures of the construction about once a week, and sending them in for use on the Aladdin website. Also, we hope to get some photos of the razing of the old building.

-2016 CALENDAR: The calendars had to be reordered due to the dates being for 2015 instead of 2016. Exchanges and sales are proceeding well. Owen Johnson moved that the club fully cover the cost of the reordering of the calendars. The motion was passed, so a check for the full amount of the reorder will be sent to Dennis Gongwer.

-POTENTATE’S VISIT: The Potentate’s visit on October 27 at the Florentine Restaurant was a big success. We should consider doing it there again.

-MEETING DAY – In 2016, we will change the meeting start time to 6:30pm. Attendees at the meeting this evening liked the offsite meeting, so we will consider occasionally meeting somewhere other than the new Aladdin location in Grove City. It would be best if we could find someplace where we could project slides on the wall. The current plan is to hold our next meeting (March 22, 2016) at the new Aladdin building.

-OUTINGS – We discussed whether we want to have any photography outings during the dark months (December through February). The only one currently planned is Sled Hockey (January 17). Members should send email Mark if they think of other possible outings we could attend during the dark months.

Calendar raffle with unique numbers – This is a money making program that the Divan is considering and, if they go forward with it, they are considering using our 2016 Calendar. This would require a unique identifier number be associated with each calendar. Dennis said that it is possible to have the calendars printed with a unique number on each one. Using standard raffle tickets is another possibility.

Divan photos – Our club will be taking the portraits of the Divan this year, as well as pictures of the Divan members and their wives. This is being planned for Sunday December 13 during the Kids’ Christmas Party at Aladdin. Mark has bought some equipment that will be needed and is working with John Knoepfler to get prints. Clyde and Fred will assist Mark with the Divan photos, and will bring some extra photography gear that is needed for the photo shoot.

Installation photos, including photos of representative family – Installation should be on Saturday, January 9, 2016. We need to be there to get photos of the event, as well as get photos of a family who will be in attendance and has a child who has been helped by the Shrine Hospitals.

Sled hockey – Sunday January 17, 2016. Lots of ASPC members should try to get there to take photos of this great event.

April Stated Meeting meal – Aladdin clubs and units are being signed up to prepare the meals at stated meetings the first half of 2016. The ASPC is signed up for April. This would be a money making event for our club.

Meeting topics for next year – review topics from this year and include hands-on practice.

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