Minutes of March 25, 2014 Meeting
Art Wilson

Minutes of ASPC Meeting

Date Held: Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Where: Aladdin Shrine, Oasis Room

Time: 6:00pm

RE: Aladdin Shrine Photography Club

CALL TO ORDER: 6:10pm by President Mark Layman

ATTENDEES: Mark Layman, Art Wilson, Dennis Gongwer, Jeff Kopp, Steve Russo, Clyde Compton, Gene Steineman and visitor Bob Stevenson from Tabloid.

APPROVAL OF MINUTES: Motion was made and received a second to wave the reading of minutes. Mark said he had them on file if anyone wanted to see them or to obtain a copy.

TREASURER’S REPORT: Steve had no report; he stated that nothing had changed. He said that the finance report was turned in.

OFFICER’S REPORTS: No Committees, we agreed we will form them as we need them.

Mark passed out a Masonic letter for us to read about Shrine Masonic night.



Column or Ad in Lamp: Gene stated that as of now there is no charge for an ad in the Lamp, but one club does pay for one. He did state that fees for ads might change later. As far as a column there is no charge. Gene stated that all MUST be turned into Frankie by email, by the 1st of the month to get in the Lamp. Gene asked if we could also have our logo in black and white with the Shrine scimitar in the center. For a column something is required each month. Mark said he would think about some ideas for items in the Lamp and report back to the club next month on what we want to do.

Dues Cards: Steve printed them and passed them out at this meeting.

Registrars Photo Collage: We took 7 more photos on March 18. We may also catch some of the Registrar guys at the Circus. When we get all photos we will start putting the collage together. Until then we will still take photos as we catch the Registrar guys.

Memory Book: Mark said to keep taking photos of Shrine events for our Memory Book fund raiser. Mark stated that we may or may not do this?? We will continue to talk about it.

2015 Photo Calendar: Mark stated that we want to start selling the CD case calendars on December 2014, so we should have them done and ready to sell by November 2014. We are looking to add Shrine monthly event photos to go with the proper month. Example the month of January could show a photo of the Sled hockey event or it could show Shrine installation. We will also take and bring in photos of Shrine events and Potentate visits to go through.

Tabloid Training Day: April 26, 2014 10:00am – Noon. Jeff has to be there anyway to take photos, so he will get the info for Art and report to the club.

Photos at Circus: Mark stated that photos of the Circus can be taken if you are working there with your club or unit. Or if you and your family are just attending and you are not working, take your camera. Take your Fez too to get in free.

ASPC logo: Our new logo is now on the ASPC website header. All versions can be viewed in the post Photography Club’s Official Logo

Outings: We talked about the different outings that have been brought up and decided that the Zoo is out too expensive. The Wilds may also be too far away and too expensive. We did decide to go to InniswoodMetroPark on Thursday, April 24, 2014 @ 6:00pm as our next outing.

If we use Big Red for any trip the fee breakdown is $1.25 per mile plus cost of fuel. A $100.00 deposit is required and will be refunded back as long as the bus is returned in clean condition.

New Business:

The Potentate’s visit will be September 23, 2014. We moved and had a second and voted to bring our ladies also. It will be at the Shrine and should be around $20.00 each. Mark is still working out the meal with the Shrine food vendor.

Mark asked if we need to go dark in the summer months due to those months being good weather for shooting good photographs. We decided NOT to go dark during summer.

Mark said he is getting with Kris Goodman so she could come to one of our meetings and show the items she could make with the clubs new logo on them. Mark said we should all look alike so white polo shirts with the photo club logo on them should look nice.

The meeting ended at 7:05pm.

After the meeting we all watched as Mark demonstrated how to set up and photograph items in a white box. It is a item that Mark purchased and it works great. He shot all of the Tabloid award items for Bob Stevenson.

Our next meeting demo will be: We will be going through photos of Shrine events that club members have taken and try to pick some for the new calendar. (see 2015 Photo Calendar above)

Secretary, Art Wilson 03/30/14

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