Minutes of March 24, 2015 Meeting
Dave Fultz

When:      Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Where:     Aladdin Shrine, Aladdin Room

Time:      6:00pm

RE:        Aladdin Shrine Photography Club



Mark Layman



Mark Layman

Owen Johnson

Dick Yardley

Dennis Gongwer

CJ Nemastil, Treasurer

Jeff Kopp

Dave Fultz, Vice President, Secretary.

Clyde Compton

Bob Albright



Approved unanimously



The 2013 report had various revenues and expenses recorded in a fashion different than what was done for the 2014 report. This was corrected and the 2013 report was resubmitted.

The club’s financial books are in order, no bills are due.

Accepted by acclaim.




UNFINISHED BUSINESS: (Old Business): none




-CLUB SHIRTS AND CAPS:  An order form is on the website


-MEMBERSHIP: Take your camera to Aladdin functions both to get photos and to identify Shriners with photography interests. Send photos to Frankie at The Lamp as ask her to indicate that they are by the Aladdin Shrine Photography Club.

Collection of 2015 Dues:


Dues are paid up to date by all members, per Mark.



Dennis Gongwer volunteered to make Dues Cards.



Aladdin Shrine parade season is coming up. This is a great chance to get nice images.


Pike Co Dogwood Festival Parade

April 27

2pm line up, parade at 3.


Worthington Mem Day Parade

May 25th

9am line up; step out at 10a


Other Upcoming Parades

Imperial Parade





Grove City



-GLUSCA 4/9-10-11

Great Lakes Shrine Clown Units Association.

This year the annual meeting is in Columbus. Good colorful photo opportunity.



March 26th – 29th.

Photo op w/ potentate Saturday show prior to 730 show.


-Photos of the Potentate:

At any opportunity, club member should take photos of the Potentate.


-Photos of Aladdin memorabilia: Mike Johnson contacted Mark Layman about our club possibly photographing memorabilia of the various clubs and units since some of it may have to be stored or even disposed of.


-Sunday May 3nd or weekend of. Will contact Art re: scheduling day to photograph. In progress. Will decide on billing units for images.  Suggested $50 or more for bigger units.


-Photos of new building construction: also dismantling of the current building?


-Groundbreaking April 1st weather permitting. Get pics of that.

Dennis will take pics of new building. He will try to a time lapse of construction.


Registrars Photo Collage: ending state: changes for future efforts.   Some images were not of the same quality as others due to inability to get to get good photos of some Registrars members.


Unit Photos:  Provost in the spring

Jeff said had no news.


2016 CALENDAR: a discussion was held as to that might we do next year to generate funds? We discussed if we should do another calendar. If so, what should we do differently with images and format?

Last year we made about $300 on calendar sales.  Good idea but a lot of work.  Possibly change the number of copies printed to a lower number. The club will reconsider in the summer.


UNIT PHOTOS:  it was asked if anyone had any other money making ideas for this year. No new ideas were proffered.


The Potentate’s visit will be on the 4th Tuesday in October.


This evening’s topic: white balance

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