Minutes of June 23, 2015 Meeting
Mark Layman

When:      Tuesday, June 23, 2015
Where:     Aladdin Shrine
Time:      6:01pm
RE:        Aladdin Shrine Photography Club
ATTENDEES: Bob Albright, Clyde Compton, Fred Gischler, Dennis Gongwer, Owen Johnson, Mark Layman, Gene Steineman, Dick Yardley
TREASURER’S REPORT: No changes since last meeting
-CLUB SHIRTS AND CAPS:  Dennis brought some catalogs for us to review. Mark will look at them at home and try to select some possible good choices for our club jackets.
-MEMBERSHIP: Take your camera to Aladdin functions and club/unit meetings both to get photos (possibly for use I the calendar) and to identify Shriners with photography interests who might like to join our club. Send photos to Frankie at The Lamp and ask her to indicate that they are by the Aladdin Shrine Photography Club.
-DUES CARDS: Mark forgot to bring the dues cards. He’ll bring them next time.
Imperial Parade – Bob will cover this
Baltimore Aug 9 – Mark will cover this
Bucyrus Aug 14 – Bob and Owen will cover this
Jackson Sep 19 PM
Grove City Sep 19 AM
Circleville Oct 23 PM
-Photos of the Potentate:
Club members should take photos of the Potentate and send them to Mark.
-Photos of new building construction and dismantling of the current building: Dennis Gongwer has started taking pictures of the construction about once a week.
-2016 CALENDAR: We should do the calendar again; last year was the first time. Clyde suggested that we get a photo of the Potentate closing the door on the current Aladdin building, and perhaps opening the door on the new building. Dennis suggested we get the calendar out in October to allow a longer selling time. This would mean final photos are taken in September.
-Potentate’s Visit: The Potentate’s visit will be on the 4th Tuesday in October (10/27). We may need to find a venue for this since we’ll be out of the current Aladdin building by then and the new building probably won’t be ready yet. Owen will see if TAT Restaurant might be a possibility. Gene will check on Brenda Springer’s new place as a possibility. Somewhere like Donato’s is too casual. Mark will also check on the rumor that events at the current Aladdin location are being extended through the end of October.
-Website renewal 7/31: hosting $83.88 + domain name $17.99 = $101.87 plus tax. Renewal was unanimously approved. Mark will make the payment and submit the receipt to CJ for reimbursement.
-Mark has Corn Roast tickets for $10. Contact him if you need one/some.
-This evening’s topic was to practice taking outdoor portraits. The sun was bright and provided problems, such as harsh facial shades and strong background light, that we practiced overcoming with flash. The topic for the July meeting will be panning.

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