Minutes of July 22, 2014 Meeting
Mark Layman

Date Held:      Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Where:            Aladdin Shrine, Aladdin Room

Time:              6:00pm

RE:                 Aladdin Shrine Photography Club


ATTENDEES: Mark Layman, Clyde Compton, Dick Yardley, Fred Gischler, Gene Steineman, Bob Albright, Dennis Gongwer

APPROVAL OF MINUTES: reading of the minutes was waived. They are available on the website.

CLUB SHIRTS AND CAPs:  We now have an order form to order shirts from Kris, as well as information from Kris about regular and large size hats. Various regular size hats are available for $15 and $20, and 2 styles of large size hats are available for $25. We need to ask Kris to add hats to the order form.




Membership: Take your camera to Aladdin functions both to get photos and to identify Shriners with photography interests.

The Lamp: Bob Albright’s photos from Imperial were reviewed. Mark will submit some of them for use in the August Lamp. Gene has some Imperial photos, too.

Dues Cards: everyone in attendance already had their card

Upcoming parades: Baltimore parade August 9 was cancelled; Bucyrus is August 15 at 7pm – Owen plans to go and get photos.

Potentate’s Visit: The Potentate’s visit will be September 23, 2014 with our ladies also. Times will be Social 6:00pm and dinner at 6:30pm. Dress will be casual.  Men- Club polo shirt with slacks and fez.  Ladies- pant, pant suit or dress.  We will have Stuffed Boursin Chicken or Beef Brisket with Red Skin potatoes with salad and ice cream for $20.00 per person plus tax. We agreed to use $25 as the dollar amount for the meal in order to cover tax and gratuity. Only the Garol, Dave, Ron, Aaron and their ladies will be invited. This is due to the club having to initially cover the cost of their meals and also to have a good ratio of club members to Divan.

Gene will send Mark the protocol for the Potentate’s visit.

Images for photo collage gift for the Potentate: Installation (2), Utica parade, Circus, Imperial(2). Need to finalize at next month’s meeting. We’ll use a photo or two that include both Garol and Dixie and make the collage a gift to both of them.

Registrars Photo Collage: Andrew Baker stopped by the meeting and said that he wants us to start putting together the collage of Registrars photos so that the Registrars unit can get our club some of the money they plan to pay for the collage.

Unit Photos:  Past Masters Nov. 24 and Provost either the second Tuesday in November (11/11) or in October.

2015 Photo Calendar:  will include the months December 2014 thru January 2016. We need to make semi-final list of images at next month’s meeting. Current proposed and candidate photos are:

12/14-Current Shrine building photo

1/15-Sled Hockey

2/15-Dave Wolfe with Clowns

3/15-Dance Band

4/15-Patrol at Circus


6/15-a photo of a Unit in a parade – Provost

7/15-Imperialparade photo – Past Masters van

8/15-Chick/Corn Roast or Clippers game- Club will take photos

9/15-another photo of a unit in a parade – bagpipers

10/15-Pumpkin Show Parade (10/17/2014) photo

11/15-open; another unit parade photo?

12/15- open; another unit parade photo? Maybe a New Years photo or a vintage photo from the ones Art saved.

1/16- Dave and Ron with shovel at new Aladdin site; we need to get this photo!

The evening’s topic: John Knoepfler was to address various aspects of printing images, however, he was ill and not able to attend. This topic will be covered next month.


Website renewal: ASPC website domain name ($17.99) and hosting ($67.10 with 20% discount) renewals due by 7/31. Renew? Total price is $85.27. This expenditure was approved.

One year anniversary of the club this month: The club had its first meeting this month one year ago. We discussed what changes we need to make. The main point was that we need to spend more time going through the details of photography, such as, the details of aperture and how to use aperture. Mark will make these sorts of topics a priority for meetings in the second year.

Next month’s meeting topic: John Knoepfler to address various aspects of printing images.

At the meeting next month, we’ll also finalize images for Potentate’s collage and make plans for producing it, finalize matters about the Potentate’s visit, and make the semi-final selection of images for calendar and plans for producing the calendar.


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