Minutes of February 25, 2014 Meeting
Art Wilson

Minutes of ASPC Meeting

Date Held: Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Where: Aladdin Shrine, Board Room

Time: 6:00pm

RE: Aladdin Shrine Photography Club

CALL TO ORDER: 6:02m by President Mark Layman

ATTENDEES: Mark Layman, Art Wilson, Dennis Gongwer, Jeff Kopp, Steve Russo, Clyde Compton and visitor Bob Stevenson from Tabloid.

Tabloid Award Items: Our visitor was Bob Stevenson from Tabloid. Bob asked if we could take photos of all the Tabloid awards so they can be printed. The club agreed that we would do it for a small fee and we will try to complete the request at our next meeting March 25, 2014.

APPROVAL OF MINUTES: Motion was made to wave the reading of minutes. Mark said he had them on file if anyone wanted to see them or to obtain a copy.

TREASURER’S REPORT: Steve gave the following report:

Steve stated that the 2013 Shrine finance report was finished and will be turned in. Some of the highlighted items were: Donation to club $40.00, Money received for pizzas $60.00, Pizza bill paid $51.36, Dues received $140.00, Tax-Lic & professional fees paid $50.00, web fees $100.00 (to be adjusted), Shrine insurance $50.00, $10.00 dues from Dick Yardley.

Total assets: $288.64

Total Liabilities: $150.00-

Balance in checkbook $138.64

OFFICER’S REPORTS: No Committees, we agreed we will form them as we need them.


Membership: Mark stated he wants to work on getting more new members by passing out info sheets in their info bags as they are brought in as new Shriners, contacting them by email and also placing an ad in the Lamp.

Column or Ad in Lamp: Mark is checking with Frankie and Gene about placing an Ad or column in the Lamp about the Photo Club. He is waiting on logo approval.

Dues Cards: Steve will print them out a soon as he gets the artwork for the new logo.

Registrars Photo Collage: We took 12 photos on Feb. 20. The session went very well. Andy Baker will get a copy of one of the photos so they can match up backgrounds for photos they will be taking of their shut-in members. Next session will be March 18, 2014 at 5:00 set-up and 6:00 shoot.

Memory Book: Mark said to keep taking photos of Shrine events for our Memory Book fund raiser. Also take photos of old and new building.

2015 Photo Calendar: Denis brought a flip calendar but after discussion a motion was made and seconded and we voted to make the CD case calendar and it will start with the month of December 2014 and go through January 2016. We are looking into what photos we want to use, maybe club or unit photos and/or Shrine events???

Tabloid Training Day: April 26, 2014 10:00am – Noon. Art will go and report to the club.

Photos at Circus: Mark stated that photos of the Circus can be taken if you are working there with your club or unit. Or if you and your family are just attending and you are not working, take your camera.

ASPC logo: We all agreed on a new logo (#4) designed by Dennis Gongwer. The logo will have four different styles. Color and black and white. (One of the color examples at top of minutes)

ASPC in the Lamp: Mark said he has contacted Frankie and we are looking into placing some items in the Lamp in the near future.

Outings: We talked about some more new places for upcoming outings. Ideas were Motts Military Museum, Columbus Zoo, and German Village, Greenlawn, the Wilds, Old Mans cave, Serpent Mound and Metro Parks. Art will look into cost of club using a Shrine bus or van for our outings. Mark checked the Zoo and the fees were a little high.

New Business:

The Potentate’s visit will be September 23, 2014. We are going to discuss it more in detail. We also need to decide if we will have the visit with or without our ladies. We also need to decide on meals and /or where we want it. One place we talked about was JP’s BBQ at Bolton airfield.

Mark asked if we need to go dark in the summer months due to those months being good weather for shooting good photographs. We will think about it and decide later.

Jeff Kopp passed out an info paper about a photography show in SpringfieldOhio featuring Ansel Adams photos.

The meeting ended at 7:21pm. After the meeting we all watched as Dennis Gongwer showed use some elements of the Photoshop computer program. All enjoyed it.

Secretary, Art Wilson 03/03/14

Art Wilson

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