Minutes of December 17, 2013 Meeting
Mark Layman

The meeting Tuesday, December 17, 2013 was held at 6pm in the Conference Room, not the Oasis Room as originally planned.

    1. Attendees: Clyde Compton, Dave Fultz, Fred Gischler, Dennis Gongwer, Mark Layman, Dan McFarland, Bernie Noel, Steve Russo, Gene Steineman, and Art Wilson.
    2. The first order of business was eating the pizza that we had all chipped in $5 for and that Art had ordered from the in-house catering company. It was delicious! Beer, pop and cookies were provided, too.
    1. Art motioned, Gene seconded, and all approved that we suspend the reading of the minutes of November 26 meeting which are posted here.
    1. Bank account status and activity – Steve Russo reported that, with the dues collected this evening, we have $150.
    2. Steve will be paying the club’s insurance payment ($50) and pizza bill ($51.36) this week. $50.00 of the $51.36 pizza cost was collected from members who attended that evening.
    3. Gene obtained Steve Russo’s email address and will be sending him email about the EOY financial report (due by EO February 2014).
  5. COMMITTEE REPORT – NA (currently no committees)
    1. Registrars photo collage project – Andrew Baker (Registrars Director) has indicated in recent discussions that he definitely wants to proceed with this project.
      1. Mark took the action item to contact Andrew and see if there are any Registrars meeting dates (or other dates) when we could take head shot photos for the collage.
      2. It was agreed that photographing the Registrars is a good learning opportunity and all ASPC members can participate in this activity.
      3. Dave Fultz has portrait photography experience and is willing to be the lead in setting up and taking the Registrars photos.
    2. Photos of activities in the building for “Memory Book” – members were reminded to start taking pictures of activities at Aladdin for use in this possible future project.
    3. Photo record of new building – when the time comes, we’ll be ready.
    4. Membership and dues collection – further dues were collected at the meeting. Mark will contact the people who have expressed interest but have not yet paid 2014 dues.
    5. Dues cards – Steve plans to use “Mail Merge” to create membership cards for everyone. He’ll mail them out so that everyone can print his own card.
    6. December 7 Ceremonial – Mark was at a table during this event and got interest from an existing noble who is transferring to Columbus and Aladdin from Pennsylvania. Mark took the action item to contact Kim Luckydoo and ask for email addresses of the new nobles so that we can let them know about the ASPC.
    7. Winter outing – sled hockey event at the Ice Haus Sunday, January 19. We need to arrive by 10am, plan to take photos of the players at 11am, and then  more photos during the games afterward.
    1. Dave suggested we work through the coming year on collecting photos and information, and put together a 2015 Aladdin photo calendar as a fund raiser for the club. Dennis’s business does this type of work, and he agreed to bring some examples and pricing information to the next meeting.
    2. Topic for next meeting: portrait lighting (in preparation for the Registrars photographs). Dave and Steve will do the setup and demonstration. The meeting is currently scheduled for 6pm on January 28 in the Board Room, however, Gene will check to see if we can change it to the Conference Room which would be a better room for the portrait demonstration that is planned. There is also a concern that the whole building might be booked on January 28 requiring that the meeting date be changed. Gene is checking on this, too.
    3. Topic for February 25 meeting is Photoshop. Dennis, who uses Photoshop a lot in his work, will lead this topic and demonstration.
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