Minutes of August 27, 2013 Meeting
Mark Layman


Mark Layman
Bill Amspaugh
Gene Steineman
Clyde Compton
Jeff Kopp
Dick Yardley
Dave Fultz
Fred Gischler
Steve Russo

Bill Amspaugh provided new bylaws which were reviewed and approved by the members. At the first meeting, Mark Layman was elected President and Secretary, however, the bylaws require that there be a Secretary separate from the President. Clyde Compton agreed to be Secretary, was approved by the members, and signed the bylaws as Secretary.

Subsequent to the meeting, Steve Russo volunteered to be Treasurer. Currently, Dave Fultz is both Vice President and Treasurer. We can vote on this at the next meeting.

Mark needs to talk to Denny Feyh about options for getting a bank account for the club. Steve Russo also stated that Cooper State Bank has free checking.

We discussed a fall photography club outing. Suggestions included Old Man’s Cave, one of the Columbus Metro Parks, parades that the Aladdin Shriners will be in, and the Aladdin Fall Leaves Tour on The Hocking Valley Scenic Railway (Oct 13). Mark will make a post about this on the website and others can then comment. Note that reservations for the Fall Leaves Tour are due by September 27.

The topic for the evening was problems people are having with their photography. We discussed when and how to use the various modes on DSLR cameras, shutter speed, aperture, ISO, white balance, and how to remember t o check the settings on the camera before starting to shoot.

The topic for the next meeting (September 24, Oasis Room, 6pm) is “Composition – What makes a good picture?”. Members should bring examples of well (and poorly?) composed images for discussion. If anyone finds a good article/blog on the topic of photo composition, please post it on the ASPC website prior to the meeting.

Homework: upload a picture of yourself to your ASPC website profile. Contact Mark at markrlayman@gmail.com if you have questions or need help.

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