Minutes of August 26, 2014 Meeting
Art Wilson

Minutes of ASPC Meeting

Date Held: Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Where: Aladdin Shrine, Aladdin Room

Time: 6:00pm

RE: Aladdin Shrine Photography Club

CALL TO ORDER: 6:04pm by President Mark Layman

ATTENDEES: Mark Layman, Art Wilson, Clyde Compton, Gene Steineman, Steve Russo, Fred Gischler, Robert Albright, Owen Johnson, Dick Yardley, Jeff Kopp, Dennis Gongwer and guest John Knoepfler .

APPROVAL OF MINUTES: Motion was made by Art and received a second by Jeff Kopp to wave the reading of minutes.  Mark said he had them on file and online if anyone wanted to see them or to obtain a copy.

TREASURER’S REPORT: Steve reported that he made a deposit of $10.00.   Steve said our account at this time has around $173.64.



POTENTATES VISIT: September 23, 2014 will be our Potentate visit (with our Ladies).  Social @ 6:00pm and dinner @ 6:30pm. $25.00 per person. Wear your white club shirt if you have one and dark slacks. (Blue or black) With Fez. Bring your cameras.

2015 PHOTO CALENDAR: We will advertise calendars at the Shrine office, by word of mouth and in the Lamp.  We will also sell them at club and units meetings.  Mark explained to us what photo titles would be in what months.

Dec 2014-Present Shrine Building, Jan 2015-Sled Hockey, Feb-Clowns, Mar-Dance Band, Apr-Legion of Honor, May-Derby Party, June-Provost, Utica Ice cream parade, July-Past Masters Van, Aug-Chicken and Corn roast, Sept.- Pipes and Drums, Oct.-Pumpkin Show and Parade, Nov.-Shrine Scimitar, Dec-Parade, Jan 2016-New Building.

Membership: Take your camera to all Shrine events that you may attend to advertise the club and to record photos. We decided that we will vote for 2015 offices during the October meeting.  DUES: Will be due at Oct. 2014 meeting.

CLUB CAP: We decided on a cap for club members.  Kris will make it for us. It is cap number CP86 @ $15.00 each.

LAMP: Parades photo coverage:

Canal Winchester-Mark

Marion Popcorn-OPEN

Jackson Parade-Bob

Circleville Parade-Bob-Art-Mark

Lancaster Parade- No sure if it’s a go.

Registrars Photo Collage: Mark said Andy Baker is to send the photos that Andy took of his members to Mark.  Andy also has names of his members who have passed away.  He will also provide a list of office titles for the names.

UNIT PHOTOS: Past Masters will be taken on Nov. 24.  Provost is scheduled for November 11.    

This Evening’s Topic:  Various aspects of printing photos.  Guest John Knoepfler showed us how to send photos for printing. Send as large a file as you can for a nice sharp photo.  He showed examples of photos where they were sent as small files and were VERY grainy and LARGE files that came out very sharp and not pixelated.

October meeting topic: Aperture-How it works and different ways to use it.

November meeting topic: Shutter Speed-ISO

Meeting was closed at 7:30pm

Secretary, Art Wilson 09/03/14

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  1. Hi, I belong to Tangier Shrine in Omaha, nebraska. I am planning on staying a photography club and was interested in various things your club does, member dues etc. For ideas on what we need to get started. Feel free to email me or call me at 402 680 4055. Just looking for basic info to get started. Thanks

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