Minutes of August 25, 2015 Meeting
Mark Layman

When: Tuesday, August 25, 2015
Where: Aladdin Shrine Center
Time: 6:00pm
RE: Aladdin Shrine Photography Club


ATTENDEES: Bob Albright, Fred Gischler, Mark Layman, Gene Steineman

APPROVAL OF MINUTES: The July 28, 2015 meeting minutes were approved.

Recent transactions: Reimbursement of $102.05 to Mark Layman for the renewal of the club website hosting and domain name

Bank balance: $1255.88



-CLUB JACKET: Mark showed a sample of the candidate jacket (JP54 Port Authority Competitor Jacket) which is water resistant, would be fairly comfortable for most cool and cold seasons, and that has zippered outer and inner pockets and adjustable wrists. It was approved by unanimous vote that we get this as our club jacket. We’ll put the club logo (the version for use on a dark background) on the left chest and the person’s name on the right chest. We’ll also ask Kris Goodman to make black ball caps with the club logo.

Note: Subsequent to the meeting, Kris informed Mark that, with logo and name embroidered, the jackets will cost $50 for XS to XL, $52 for 2XL, $56 for 3XL, $58 for 4XL, $62 for 5XL, and $64 for 6XL. That includes tax. She will update our club order form with this information, as well as the ordering information for black ball caps.

-MEMBERSHIP: Take your camera to Aladdin functions and club/unit meetings both to get photos (possibly for use in the calendar) and to identify Shriners with photography interests who might like to join our club. Send photos to Frankie at The Lamp and ask her to indicate that they are by the Aladdin Shrine Photography Club.
• Mark will contact Aaron Langhirt (Ceremonial Director) about talking to the candidates about the Photography Club at the October 3 Ceremonial.

-DUES CARDS: none were passed out

Grove City Sep 19 9:30AM – Mark will take photos
Jackson Sep 26 7:45PM – currently no one is scheduled for photos
Circleville Oct 23 7:00PM – TBD

-PHOTOS OF THE NEW BUILDING – and dismantling of the current building. Dennis Gongwer is taking pictures of the construction about once a week, and is now sending them in for use on the Aladdin website.

-2016 CALENDAR: We reviewed candidate photos for the 2016 calendar. We need more photos.
• Dennis has suggested that we get the calendar out in October to allow a longer selling time. This would mean final photos are taken in September.
• We may go with a different calendar format this year. Dennis is getting pricing.

-POTENTATE’S VISIT: The Potentate’s visit will be on the 4th Tuesday in October (10/27). The photo collage gift for the Potentate and his lady is ready. No monetary gifts will be given.

The Florentine has been selected as the location for our Potentate’s visit. We need to discuss and finalize the plans at the September meeting.

1. $19.50 ea.: Lasagna, salad, fresh bread, Spumoni Ice Cream
Six delicious layers of pasta, seasoned ground beef, ricotta and provolone cheeses

2. $19.50 ea.: Ravioli Florentine (no meat), salad, fresh bread, Spumoni Ice Cream
Jumbo ravioli filled with ricotta cheese and baked in our marinara sauce with fresh chopped spinach and provolone cheese

3. $18.00 ea.: Caesar Chicken Salad
Crisp romaine lettuce Caesar dressing, garlic croutons, black olives and shredded parmesan cheese, Spumoni Ice Cream

We need to get everyone’s choice prior to the dinner.

Prices do not include tax or gratuity. With tax and tip, these meals will probably be $25.00 ($19.50 meal) or $23.00 ($18.00 meal).

We need to decide whether or not we want a bartender at cash bar during the social time. Seems to depend on whether we have a room in the front of the building (near the bar) or at the back of the building.

Dave said at the last meeting that, if they do not have a PA, he can provide one.

-OUTINGS – Everyone should think about possible photo outing locations.

-OLD PHOTOS – Old Circus photos – we need to give out boxes of photos for members to go through at home and pick the best ones. We will then scan them into digital format and post them on the club website. We did not progress this at the meeting and will address it again at the next meeting.


-ELECTIONS – at the September meeting. Gene nominated Clyde for secretary.

-MEETING DAY – moving the meetings to Thursdays at 6:30pm was discussed. We need to do a survey to find out what the members prefer.

Topic for our next meeting: Picasa (redo presentation given previously)

Another topic for our next meeting is photos at the October 3 Ceremonial.

The evening’s topic was Filters.

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