Minutes of April 28, 2015 Meeting
Dave Fultz

When:      Tuesday, April 28, 2015
Where:     Aladdin Shrine, Conference Room
Time:      6:00pm
Re:        Aladdin Shrine Photography Club

6:10pm by Mark Layman

Mark Layman – President
Dave Fultz – Vice President, Secretary
Jon Kinney – Divan Rep
Bob Albright
Dennis Gongwer


The Treasurer, CJ Nemastil, was unable to attend, so there was no Treasurer’s report.

Mark Layman had $60 cash from more calendar sales by the Aladdin office, and a $60 check for old Shrine camera equipment that was sold by Bill Amspaugh and the proceeds donated to ASPC.  Mark will send this money to CJ.



-Club shirts and caps:
An order form is on the website. Mark will discuss the possibility of club jackets with Chris Goodman.

Take your camera to Aladdin functions both to get photos and to identify Shriners with photography interests. Send photos to Frankie at The Lamp and ask her to indicate that they are by the Aladdin Shrine Photography Club.

-Dues cards:
At the last meeting, Dennis Gongwer volunteered to make Dues Cards. This evening, he passed out very nice laminated cards to the members present at the meeting. Mark kept the others to be passed out to other members at future meetings.

Pike Co Dogwood Festival Parade April 27 – Mark covered it and submitted photos for the Lamp.

Worthington Mem Day Parade: May 25th, 9am line up; step out at 10a; Jeff Kopp covering it. Will need to get photos submitted quickly for June Lamp.

Other Upcoming Parades:
Imperial Parade – Bob will cover this
Baltimore Aug 9 – Mark will cover this
Bucyrus Aug 14 – Bob will cover this
Jackson Sep 19 PM
Grove City Sep 19 AM
Circleville Oct 23 PM

-GLUSCA: Great Lakes Shrine Clown Units Association.
Mark did some Photoshop work for them. They gave a $75 donation.

-Circus: we got some great shots and a full page spread in the Lamp.

-Photos of the Potentate:
At any opportunity, club member should take photos of the Potentate.

-Photos of Aladdin memorabilia: Dave covered this. He took photos of the Picadors and Horse Patrol memorabilia. Dave did not receive a donation check.  Mark will contact Mike Johnson regarding the donation.

-Photos of new building construction: also dismantling of the current building. Ribbon cutting ceremony is 11am on May 19, 2015, a Tuesday.  Dennis Gongwer has started taking pictures of construction, and will also cover the ribbon cutting.

-2016 Calendar: The club will reconsider in the summer. Tabled for now.  Possibly have a value added raffle. John encouraged us to keep doing the calendar for another year or so to see if interest and sales increase, given that it is something new and may need time to grow on people.

-Potentate’s Vist: The Potentate’s visit will be on the 4th Tuesday in October (10/27).


This evening’s topic: storing, editing and emailing photos
Getting images from camera to PC to Picasa to Frankie for the Lamp.

Topic for the May 26 meeting: portraits (this may take a few meetings to fully cover)

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