Let us see your photos!
Mark Layman

Hey Aladdin Shrine Photography Club members! Fred has been leading the way with his posts of interesting photos. Let us see your photos and comments, too!

And don’t forget to comment on possibilities for our fall outing (http://aladdinshrinephotographyclub.org/fall-2013-photography-outing/).

Creating a post is similar to creating an email message. To add a post complete with title, message and photo(s), the steps are: 

  • login to the website
  • click “Posts”
  • click “Add New”
  • enter the title of the post where is says “Enter title here”
  • enter the words describing the photo(s) that you are going to include
  • click “add media”
  • drag/drop the photos from you computer’s file folder to the add media window
  • click “Insert into post”
  • click “Publish”.

Also, under Instructions menu item you’ll find “Create a Post” (or go to it directly here: http://aladdinshrinephotographyclub.org/create-a-post/) which has some more detail on how to create a post.

Enter a comment on this post if you need further help or clarification.

Now let’s get those photos posted!

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