High ISO at Night Experiment
Mark Layman

I’m accustomed to shooting at 100 or 200 ISO which usually requires flash for night time photography. I’ve been wanting try out shooting at night using a higher ISO without flash, and a visit to Circleville’s Pumpkin Show last Thursday evening seemed like a good time to do it.

I put my camera in program mode and set it to use ISO up to 800. I considered going to an even higher ISO but decided to start at 800 and see how the photos came out. Some of the shots are below. Note the Pickaway Shrine Club stand in the first shot. We got our dinner there.

On some of the shots, the shutter speed the camera selected was still slower than what I want (I like to stay at 1/30 of a second or faster when shooting without a monopod or tripod). Given that I’m not detecting any graininess in these photos, I’ll probably go to an even higher maximum ISO (maybe 1600) next time.

Let me know what you think.

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