Frozen Ash Cave Falls
Mark Layman

Brenda and I were in the mood for a photography adventure today, so we headed down to Hocking County, where there was a level 2 snow emergency, in search of lunch and an opportunity to photograph a frozen waterfall. Making extensive use of the 4-wheel drive on the new truck, we made it to The Inn at Cedar Falls for a delicious lunch, and then proceeded on to Ash Cave which has a 90 foot waterfall.

The Ash Cave area was a winter wonderland.

On the way down the path to the falls, we encountered this beautiful ice formation.ash-cave-0036

When we entered Ash Cave, we were surprised to find a native drumming group having a Blessing the Earth ceremony, complete with a guy going about waving a feather and burning sage and cedar. It seemed a bit surreal.ash-cave-0044

The most amazing thing, though, was the frozen waterfall and the mountain of ice below it.ash-cave-0019

Brenda went and stood next to it to give a sense of perspective and size.

It was a fun and memorable day.

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Frozen Ash Cave Falls — 3 Comments

  1. Great pictures, Mark. It was good meeting you and Brenda today. You are quite an adventurous pair to come to the hills in this extreme weather, but we are glad you did.

  2. I’ve only been there once. It was summer. As much as I hate winter I wish I could be there now to see these beautiful sights in person.

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