From Hoover Reservoir (Mostly)
Dave Fultz

All of the following images were taken in RAW mode and edited with Canon EOS Digital Solution.  Adustments made were some sharpening, shadow balance, contrast.  No frame cropping.

These were taken at Hoover Reservoir On Sunday Sept 15, 2013.
They were taken with a Vivitar 500mm Mirror Lens at f6.3 and at 1/800, manual mode.
Some were handheld some were taken with the lens steadied on a fence rail.

Click on images for larger view…

Heron Landing

A Blue Heron Landing at Hoover Reservoir.

Heron and Trees

Blue Heron against Trees At Hoover Reservoir

blue heron

At Hoover Reservoir, a blue heron in flight.

Bird and Dam

A blue heron with dam in back. At Hoover Reservoir.

Big Bird

Blue Heron at Hoover Reservoir splash basin.

Also taken at Hoover on same day. Taken with a Samyang 8mm manual lens. The stuff in the upper corners is not vignetting, but the Bimini top on my boat.

Fisheye Harbor.

Off the back of my boat.

Taken in Late August. This is my cat Maurice. Nothing much bothers him, especially not camera flash.

Orange Cat

Maurice is watching

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From Hoover Reservoir (Mostly) — 4 Comments

  1. Nice! I especially like the soaring heron with the moving water behind. The detail on the underside of the bird is fabulous. You should bring your Vivitar 500mm Mirror Lens to the meeting next week.

  2. Thanks Mark,

    When I bought the 500mm lens I paid a little extra for the faster lens. It has a fixed iris. Now I wish I had gotten the f8.0 version because I was really desiring a little more DOF when shooting yesterday.

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