First Meeting
Mark Layman

Aladdin Shrine Photography Club
Meeting July 23, 2013 (first meeting)

Mark Layman
Bill Amspaugh
Gene Steineman
Clyde Compton
Jeff Kopp
Dick Yardley
Owen Johnson
Dave Fultz
Dan McFarland
Dan Watrous

Purpose of the Club
Give Aladdin Shriners a forum to share photographs, share and expand photography skills and knowledge, go on photography outings, and provide photographs and photography resources to Aladdin Shrine.

– Only Aladdin Shriners (and Shriners of affiliated Shrine clubs) can be members

– $10 per member per year
– $2 of this will cover insurance for members

President – Mark Layman
Vice Pres – Dave Fultz
Treasurer – Dave Fultz (temporarily)
Secretary – Mark Layman

Unless communicated otherwise, meetings will be the 4th Tuesday of each month at 6pm in the Oasis Room.
– next meeting is Aug 27 at 6pm in the Oasis Room. Gene has made the reservation request for the Oasis Room for that night.
Meetings will involve a topic or speaker, planning for future meetings and outings, and general business.
– topic for next meeting: each member should state a particular photography problem they have experienced and the members can offer their knowledge and experience that might be helpful.
– we will also get a photo of each of the members for use on the website and possibly collect dues
At least initially, meetings are only for members. This will be reconsidered in the future.

Club Photography Outings
– About 4 per year (spring, summer, fall & winter)
– An outing may take the place of the meeting for that month if that is what the members decide
– Family members and guests can participate in outings when they are accompanied by a club member

Club website – to be built by Mark Layman. At the meeting Mark indicated that he could host the website. Subsequent to the meeting, Mark discussed this further with Bill Amspaugh and they concluded that the website hosting should be independent of a club member. Accordingly, the club should either get their own hosting account with a hosting service (e.g., GoDaddy) or, if possible, utilize the hosting account used to host It should be possible to make the final decision next week.
– Share photos
– Ask questions and discuss photography topics
– Collect ideas for outings
– Calendar
– Encourage broader participation
– Only Shriner members can have a login to the website and post photographs and information there

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