Agenda for March 25, 2014 Meeting
Mark Layman

TIME AND LOCATION: Our next ASPC meeting is Tuesday March 25 at 6pm in the Oasis Room.



APPROVAL OF MINUTES FROM PREVIOUS MEETING: the minutes from the February 25 meeting are here.





  • Column or Ad in Lamp: Need information from Gene about the cost of placing a Photo Club Ad in the Lamp. A monthly column and/or photo might be good, too.
  • Dues Cards: Steve has them ready and will email them to members.

Registrars Photo Collage: We took 7 photos on March 18. That puts us at 19 Registrars photos taken. We should start editing the images and putting together the collage.

Memory Book: Keep taking photos of Shrine events for our Memory Book fund raiser if we decide to do it. Also take photos of new building when a site is chosen.

2015 Photo Calendar: The CD case calendar will start with the month of December 2014 and go through January 2016. We are considering using photos of Aladdin clubs, units and/or events. We need to decide on the set of photos and start taking the shots.

Tabloid Training Day: April 26, 2014 10:00am – Noon. Art will go and report to the club.

Photos at Circus: We need to get photos of the Circus for The Lamp, possibly the calendar and memory book, and just to have a photo history of it. If you are there with your club or unit and are not working, or if you and your family are just attending, get some shots! It would be good if some members could also go specifically to take photos.

Your fez gets you both free parking and free admittance to the circus.
Dates & Times
Thu, Mar 27 3:00p
Thu, Mar 27 7:30p
Fri, Mar 28 3:00p
Fri, Mar 28 7:30p
Sat, Mar 29 11:00a
Sat, Mar 29 3:00p
Sat, Mar 29 7:30p
Sun, Mar 30 1:00p
Sun, Mar 30 5:00p

ASPC logo: The new logo has been placed on the ASPC website header, and the four versions of the logo can be seen in the post Photography Club’s Official Logo.

Outings: We need to decide on the place, date and time of our Spring outing which should be held sometime in April. Ideas so far are are Motts Military Museum, Columbus Zoo, German Village, Greenlawn Cemetery, the Wilds, Old Mans Cave, Serpent Mound and one of the Metro Parks. Mark checked the Zoo and the fees were a little high.

Art obtained the Aladdin bus rental form in case we want to utilize an Aladdin bus for this or another club outing. The form says:

We understand that the cost of using Big Red is $1.25 per mile plus the cost of the fuel. A $100.00 deposit is required upon receipt of the approval of bus.  A refund of the deposit will be issued if the bus is returned in the same condition it was rented in.  We further understand that we are responsible for the driver’s meals and lodging.  Aladdin Shriners will assign a driver although a particular driver can be requested.

Potentate’s Visit: The Potentate’s visit will be September 23, 2014.

  • We seem to be leaning toward having our ladies at the Potentate’s visit, but we need to make a definite decision on that.
  • We need to make a decision on what per person price point we want to hit.
  • One place we talked about at the last meeting was JP’s BBQ ( at Bolton airfield. The possibility of airplane activity there seemed like it would provide some photo ops. I visited there and found out that a plane arrives or departs only every few hours.
  • I also checked out the Boat Club at the confluence of the Scioto and Olentangy rivers due to the great photo op of downtown that it has, but it’s a bit pricey.
  • I have an inquiry out to the Aladdin catering company to see what they can offer.
  • A picnic style event at a shelter or building at one of the metro parks or city parks is another possibility. If the weather is nice, that could provide some nice photo ops, too.

Club Meeting Schedule: We need to reconsider going dark in the summer months due to those months being good weather for shooting photographs, and the winter months have had lower meeting participation. An alternate schedule could be to go dark Dec-Jan-Feb.


Club logo shirts and possibly jackets

Club business cards

Photos for The Lamp

Topic for April 22 Meeting: One suggestion is a demonstration of a free, easy to use photo editing tool such as Picasa.

Topic for March 25 Meeting: Dave Stevenson will be attending our meeting so we can take photos of his Tabloid award items using Mark’s light box.


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