Agenda for Feb 4, 2014 Meeting
Mark Layman

Here’s the proposed agenda for the meeting Tuesday, February 4 at 6pm in the Conference Room. This meeting was to be held on January 28 but was postponed one week due to extremely cold weather.

  • TREASURER’S REPORT – Steve Russo
    1. Bank account (and associated debit card) status and activity
    2. EOY 2013 financial report
  • COMMITTEE REPORT – NA (currently no committees)
    1. Membership and dues collection
    2. Dues cards
    3. Registrars photo collage project
      1. 6pm Feb 20 Conference Room
      2. Plan for recording each Registrar’s name and other information, associating the names and information with the correct photo, post-processing of images, and creation of the collage
    4. Members should be taking pictures of activities at Aladdin
      1. For possible “Memory Book” project and fund raiser for the club.
      2. For possible 2015 Aladdin photo calendar as a fund raiser for the club. Dennis’s business does this type of work, and he agreed to bring some examples and pricing information to the meeting.
    5. Photo record of new building – when the time comes, we’ll be ready.
    6. Topic for February 25 meeting is Photoshop. Dennis, who uses Photoshop a lot in his work, will lead this topic and demonstration. Suggestion: use the Registrars photo collage as a context for demonstrating Photoshop.
    1. Tabloid Training Day
      April 26, 2014
      10:00 AM-12 Noon
      Coffee and Doughnuts
      Light Lunch – Fish and Chips
      Tabloid Day -June 21, 2014
    2. Taking photographs at Circus March 27-30
    3. ASPC Logo
    4. ASPC advertisement in The Lamp
    5. Outings
  • Topic for this meeting: portrait lighting (in preparation for photographing the Registrars). Dave and Steve will do the setup and demonstration. Perhaps some of the ASPC member photos that we take can be used as profile photos on the ASPC website
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