Agenda for Feb 25, 2014 Meeting
Mark Layman

Here’s the proposed agenda for the ASPC meeting Tuesday February 25 at 6pm in the Board Room.




TREASURER’S REPORT: Bank account status, activity, and pending transactions

COMMITTEE REPORTS: No Committees currently. We’ve got enough things going that we might want to start establishing committees.


 Membership: Spring Ceremonial is June 14 (Fall Ceremonial is October 25). We’ll want to make the new Nobles aware of our club. The table at the last Ceremonial was not effective.

Also, we should start putting an ad about our club in the Lamp and include our eye-catching new logo (agenda item below).

Dues Cards: Steve is working on making something.

Registrars Photo Collage:  Review Feb 20 results and status. Plan for March 18 shoot.

Memory Book:  We should all remember to take photos of Shrine events for our possible Memory Book fund raiser.

2015 Photo Calendar: Decide on if we want to do the CD case calendar as a funding raising project and, if so, what sorts of images we will use.  The size of photos in the case are 4 5/8 X 3 1/8.  Cost is $3.08 each for 100 or $2.83 for 250.  If we want to add months over 12, it is 7% per added month.

Tabloid Training Day:  April 26, 2014 10:00am – Noon. Art will go and report to the club.

Photos at Circus:  Get ASPC members lined up to attend the circus and take photographs. Your fez gets you both free parking and free admittance to the circus.
Dates & Times
Thu, Mar 27 3:00p
Thu, Mar 27 7:30p
Fri, Mar 28 3:00p
Fri, Mar 28 7:30p
Sat, Mar 29 11:00a
Sat, Mar 29 3:00p
Sat, Mar 29 7:30p
Sun, Mar 30 1:00p
Sun, Mar 30 5:00p

ASPC logo:  Review ideas that have been submitted for our club logo. If we feel ready, select one and possibly variations of it, such as a black and white version, and decide where official versions (color, B&W, web, print, large, small, etc.) of the logo will be kept. Here are links to some logo ideas that have been submitted.

Outings:  At the Feb 4 meeting, we talked about some new places for upcoming outings.  Ideas were Motts Military Museum, Columbus Zoo, Greenlawn Cemetery, and German Village.  We concluded that our April outing should probably be at the Zoo. We need to decide on this. Here is some information about the costs associated with a zoo outing.

Under 2 Free
Ages 2-9 $9.99
Ages 10-59 $14.99
Ages 60+ $10.99

Car $8.00
Bus Free

Group tickets must be purchased in one transaction at the front entrance.
Group rates for general Zoo admission are valid for groups of 15 or more people.
Under 2 Free
Ages 2-9 $8.00
Ages 10-59 $14.00
Ages 60+ $8.00


Potentate’s visit September 23 – meal and other considerations.

Dark Months: Do we really need to go “dark” in the summer (June, July and August)? Consider dropping August as a “dark” month, going dark November and December instead of in the summer, and possibly even not going dark at all.

Topic for March 25 meeting: 

TOPIC: Photoshop. Dennis will use Mark’s laptop to demonstrate some useful Photoshop techniques.


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