A few websites I like…
Dave Fultz

I am a forum reader.  I love reading forums on whatever I am interested in; Bicycles, Fishing, Photography, whatever.  Here is a short list of some forums that I like to frequent.  With a little drilling you can sometimes find some gold.


Photo.net is an excellent site with advice on hardware and technique.  Many great photos here.   If you look at great photos, you’ll know what a great photo needs to be.


DPReview has reviews on hardware going back for years.  If you are looking for a new camera or lens, you can read about it here.


One of my favorites is the Rangefinder Forum.  There is something romantic about classic rangefinders.  Also quite a few wonderful images shown here as well.

The next two are a couple forums I read now and then.  Lotsa opinions here.



Remember, the posts on all forums are one persons opinion and while most of the info is good, everyone’s milage varies.


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